Journal articles

Postdoctoral Research (performed 2015-2018)

26. M. Mir, A. Reimer, J. E. Haines, X.-Y. Li, M. Stadler, H. Garcia, M. B. Eisen, X. Darzacq*, “Dense Bicoid hubs accentuate binding along the morphogen gradient, Genes Dev., 31, 1784-1794 (2017)

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22. P. Qin, M. Parlak, C. Kuscu, J. Bandaria, M. Mir, K. Szlachta, R. Singh, X. Darzacq, A. Yildiz*, and M. Adli*, “Live cell imaging of low- and non- repetitive chromosome loci using CRISPR-Cas9”, Nature Communications, 8, 14725, (2017)

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PhD Research (performed 2010-2013)

20. L. Ma, G. Rajshekhar, B. Bhaduri, S. Sridharan, M. Mir, A. Chakraborty, R. Iyer, S. Prasant, L. Millet, M. U. Gilette, and G. Popescu*, “Phase correlation imaging of unlabeled cell dynamics”, Scientific Reports, 6, 32702, (2016)

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Masters Research (2009-2010)

4. M. Mir, H. Ding, Z. Wang, J. Reedy, K. Tangella and G. Popescu, “Blood Screening using Diffraction Phase Cytometry”, J. Biomed. Opt, 15 (2), (2010): 027016

3. M. Mir, Z. Wang, K. Tangella and G. Popescu, “Diffraction Phase Cytometry: Blood on a CD-ROM”, Optics Express, 17 (4), (2009): 2579-2585

Undergraduate Research (2007-2008)

2. U. Mirsaidov, J. Scrimgeour, W. Timp, K. Beck, M. Mir, P. Matsudaira and G. Timp, “Live Cell Lithography: Using Optical Tweezers to Create Synthetic Tissue”, Lab Chip, 8 (12), (2008): 2174-2181

1. U. Mirsaidov, W. Timp, K. Timp, M. Mir, P. Matsudaira and G. Timp, “Optimal Optical   Trap for Bacterial Viability”, Phys. Rev. E, 78 (2), (2008): 021910

†: Authors Contributed Equally


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